The King of Somey,
Togbui Ngoryifia Kofi Arthur Paes Dunenyo I

Arthur Paes has been visiting Ghana for about 14 years. During his visits he learned to know the country and its rich culture very well. He was charmed by the kindness of the people and the possibilities of the country.

WATER                                                                  He became involved in several aid projects for the benefit of the local people.        Jointly with the Danish government a water project in Adina has been realized. After opening the project by former president Kofuor the acute waterproblems were solved over a distance of 23 kilometers.

EDUCATION                                                   The development of primary schools and school supplies is of great importance to the country. By now, two new schoolprojects are finished succesfully.

AGRICULTURE                                          Water pumps have been financed and installated to increase the profits of agriculture. 

HEALTH                                                             At present there is a collaboration with Dutch hospitals to deliver high quality hospital equipment to Ghana.

Due to his development efforts a special title was offered to Mr. Paes.                       On July 14th 2001 he has been enstooled as King of Somey Area.                              The development of the Somey area is his primary concern.
The province is situated on the east coast of Ghana.


Former President Kufuor with Mr. Paes and King Bansah at the Presidential Palace of Ghana